Eat and Eat in Hong Kong lah!

This is a long outdated post. Didn’t have much time to upload all these trips. So beware of this space, more countries update to come!

Arrived in Hong Kong in March 2013.


hkTo save money, booked a flight timing that I can see sun rise.

I booked my stay at Evergreen Hotel, it is near to Jordan station and is a walking distance to Temple Street Night Market, Jade Market etc. I personally feel that it is quite a good location ( 7-11 is just beside the hotel, and lots of restaurants opposite it, but it is also near the mahjong game house and there is always police officers patrolling the area. If you are travelling as a single female tourist you might want to think twice to stay at that area)


hk-2Our first meal in Hong Kong, abit shocked by the amount of rice.

hk-3Roast Goose.
(Come on, it is Hong Kong! it is quite tasty thought despite kind of oily)

As Benjo’s Daddy was very tired after lunch, we went back to the hotel for a nap before begin our tour.

But by the time we woke up, it is time for dinner. Took a walk around Jordan and settled down at one small cafeteria.

A claypot dish (which I forgot the name) full of fish bone

Kind of in love with Cantonese style of porridge

Stir Fried Chee Cheong Fun*

*It is also known as rice noodle roll, Chee Cheong mean pig intestine and Fun mean noodle. As the thin layer of noodle is rolled tightly which actually resemble the pig intestine.

Night tour around the area.

hk-10Breakfast! This is at a stall along the shophouses. The cost of our breakfast was actually quite cheap. The plain porridge cost like 50 cents or SG$1.00? Cannot remember the price clearly, but the price is around that range.


Chee Cheong Fun
(Okay don’t be confused by the Chee Cheong Fun at the top, it is just a different cooking method. This Chee Cheong Fun is more like the typical cantonese style which usually serve as snack or as a variety of dim sum.)

Stir Fry Noodle. It matched quite well with the plain porridge.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAfraid that there will be too many people in the afternoon, we went to Causeway Bay first thing in the morning.

There is a morning market in the amidst of the modern high rise building. You can buy fresh flowers, clothes, buttons  and much more.. We found a stall selling recycle bags (Those kind you can fold and keep in your bag and/or carry and go market or shopping) at a cost about SG$1 for one. Beautiful and quite lasting (it had been 2 years and I still had them with me for shopping)

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERATram. Since we are tourists, Benjo and her Daddy want to have a feel of taking the tram, so they hopped on (including Benjo’s mommy) and off they go without knowing where the tram is going)

Since it was just for fun, we get down after a few stops and continue exploring the area.

Just so happened the Indonesian maids are having protest at the area. Benjo was busy taking photo without realising a police officer is just beside her.

Outside SOGO Shopping mall. Another demonstration against Fa Lun Gong.

After all the walking, we managed to find the Peak Tram. It was a looooooooong queue. But the view is worth it.
We started queuing around evening time and by the time we reached the Peak, the sun is setting.


Managed to get some night view shots

It was early March, the weather turned cold and windy at night. It was not very thrilling for Benjo’s mommy, after a round of walk at the Peak, we left to find dinner.


hk-15Hui Lau Shan Dessert (许留山)
We saw this dessert shops almost everywhere we go, so decided to went in and have a try.
It was quite worth our money for there is a promotion going on, free dim sum for every dessert purchased.

To me, it feel that you had been to Hong Kong if you had not try eating in a cha chan teng (Hong Kong style tea restaurant)


So here we ordered some simple food to kickstart our day.

hk-5Deep fried pork chop and luncheon meat + egg noodle soup. ( I think it is instant noodle)

hk-6Pork chop bun


Police officers everywhere

Up next, we are heading to  Tai Yu Shan to see the famous Big Buddha Statue. We took the MRT at Jordon Station to Tung Chung MRT Station and get a ticket to Ngo Ping 360.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWe were lucky that the cable was in operation that day. Benjo’s parents had not taken a cable ride for a long time so without further ado, Benjo just pushed introduced them to join in the queue.


It was about a 15 minute cable ride, the cosy sunshine and the aircon in the cable car make the journey very comfortable. It brighten the mood of everyone.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAYou will reach Ngo Ping Village before reaching the Buddha.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe famous Hong Kong Comic Character


OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACurry Fishballs! Always saw this in the olden Hong Kong Drama






The ultimate loonnnng staircase

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe view of the Buddha when you reached the top



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAThe vegetarian dim sum at the temple


By the way, there is no tax for purchases in Hong Kong.  Went to buy a len (must ask for international warranty) which is cheaper than in Singapore.

Some other food we had in Hong kong
hk-20Pork chop rice
Somehow I felt that the food portion in Hong Kong is abit too big
hk-19Fishball noodle

hk-18Squillid Mantis Shrimp

Sham Shui Po is traditionally working class neighbourhood marketplace where you can find alot of wholesale items there. Some street photography taken over there.








Melaka – Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum

As this was my second time going to Melaka, decided to pop by the Baba Nyonya Heritage Museum to have a look of the Nyonya culture. It is actually a walking distance from the red Gereja Christ Church area. You may book a coach online and travel from Singapore to Malacca. It’s about 4 hours coach ride. (without traffic jam)

There was a guided tour to bring you around, explaining the culture in details.

Ancestor worship Hall

If I did not remember wrongly, this should be the common room

Cherki Card Game – A popular card game among the Nyonya back in the olden days

They dug their own well for water supply

The study area

Traditional Nynya Beaded shoes (also known as kasot manek)

The bedroom

Their traditional clothes kebaya

Tools for making the jewellery


From the jewellery, it is not hard to guess how wealthy the Baba Nyonya were back in the olden days.

The wedding certificate

The Phoenix Crown (wear during wedding)

The friendly tour guide from the museum

Address: 48-50, Jalan Tun Tan Cheng Lock, 75200 Melaka, Malaysia
+60 6-283 1273

Daily Tour Times:
10am – 1:00pm (last morning tour 12noon)
2pm – 5:00pm  (last evening tour 4pm)
Extended Hour on Weekends:
Friday – Sunday (last evening tour 5:00pm)

Ticket Price
Adult :16RM
Children (5-12 years old): 11RM

First Self Sponsored 7 Days Taiwan Tour (Part 1)

Benjo just came back from Taiwan, despite some troublesome problems occurred before the flight, the trip was still enjoyable.
Day 1 (Taoyuan City – Taipei) 
Took a morning flight to Taipei Airport (which is situated at Taoyuan – 桃园 )and met up with our tour guide. She was a very friendly and motherly lady. She took us to this shopping mall to shop while waiting for the rest of the tourists to join us. The shopping has nothing much to shop as the stuffs were quite expensive but the arcade is very big.
Taiwan sun set earlier than Singapore, so by 5.30pm the sky is already very dark. After shopping for a while, we were bought to Shilin Food Square (士林小吃广场)  to have our dinner. Due to time constraint we only have 1.5 hr to queue and have our food.
Lao Shilin Shui jian bao (老士林 水煎包)
CT and I each queue for different items due to the SUPER long queue of the stalls.

tw2009-2 Hao Da da ji pai

We were not quite sure which stall sells the best fried chicken chop so we go for the typical human instinct – the stall with the longest queue. But well, it was actually a good choice, cause as we were running out of time we settle at a no queue stall for our sausage, it suck.

tw2009-7 Oyster Mee sua ( 蚝仔面线)

As CT also wanted to try the Famous Taiwan Mee Sua (but not in Taipei la, the famous 1 is in 西门町), we bought 1 bowl at the night market to share.
tw2009-6Chou tofu (臭豆腐)

The Food Square have alot stalls of chou tofu, so we also bought 1 bowl to share. Having a bowl of spicy, hot chou tofu soup during winter there is only one word to describe – Shiok!

As the tour guide said that there is this unique drink called White Bitter Gourd Juice (白苦瓜汁) which is good for health and complexion, I bought 1 cup to drink. The taste is like rare vegetable, lucky CT bought 1 Honey Aloe Vera juice to share if not..
The day ended at this pathetic hotel named Shi Lian Da Fan Dian (世联大饭店), but the hotel is not big at all and eventually we were quite disappointed by the room.
Day 2 (Taipei- Taoyuan City – Hsinchu County- Nantou City -Dongpu)
tw2009-2It was quite cooling for the morning
Our Train Tickets
We took the Taiwan Bullet Train from Taipei to Taoyuan. Our bus was waiting at Taoyuan to bring us to Leofoo Village Theme Park ( 六福村主题乐园).
As Taiwan was having election in voting for their town mayors so actually you could see a lot of posters of the representatives on the streets.
Leofoo Village Theme Park ( 六福村主题乐园)
After traveling for sometime, we finally reached Leofoo Village Theme Park. It was a bad timing to go, it was a Friday and most schools in Taiwan were bringing students out to play!! The minimum waiting time was 40 mins!!
After touring around the area and bought some souvenirs, CT and I only got to try on 1 ride. But it was interesting that we managed to know 3 new friends from Tainan through the ride.
Wenwu Temple (文武庙)
Due to time constraint we bought our bento (packed lunch and ate on the bus while traveling to the next stop -Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area (日月潭).

Cimbing up the stairs in the temple was a very tiring job for me…


Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area (日月潭)
It was very cloudy on that day and the sky was getting dark, so the scenery was not as expected.
Our night stay is at Dongpu Di Lun Wen Quan Da Fan Dian ( 东浦 缔伦温泉大饭店 ) This hotel have 3 kind of hot springs for us. 1 public hot and cold spring area for everyone, 1 outdoor and 1 in our own room. CT and I choose to soak in our own room. =p Our dinner was at the hotel. We had some wild animal soup for the night. Could not remember what was the name but the expression of the aunties were classic when they heard of the animal name.
tw2009-21 copy
After dinner, the chef of the hotel bought in some dough and got us to make rice balls (tangyuan-汤圆) It was fun making the rice balls, but not very fun when there was one aunty who could not stop making them and we have to keep eating them. =.=
Trying to remember it for our night explored.
Our Hotel
tw2009-24 copy

Took a picture of the street outside the hotel. It was very windy and cold in the morning. But very nice scenery view and fresh air. Love the cool air, love the clear blue sky ^_^