Shi Wei Xian Hongkong Tim Sum

There is always a gem hidden in the neighbourhood.

Shi Wei Xian is a popular Hong Kong style tim sum stall situated in a coffee shop at Aljunied. It was first introduced by Benjo’s 6th Aunt, bringing her to eat after her wisdom tooth extraction. The coffee shop is packed with people in the morning having tim sum as their breakfast.


(From Top left: Bean Sauce Chicken Feet ($2.80) , Mango Banana Fritters ($3.00), Bean Sauce Pork Ribs ($2.80), Steamed Dumplings ($2.80))



Mango Banana Fritters. ($3.00)  The combination of fresh prawn with mango and banana really activate your taste butt to have more food.


Shark’s Fin Dumplings  ($3.20) (Don’t ask me is it real shark fin- I’m not sure)


Scallop Dumplings ($3.20)
Fresh scallops and prawns are used. For every bite, you are able to taste the freshness of the scallops and prawns.


Crystal Pau ($2.80)  – Have it hot!

Of course other than these, there are Chee Cheong Fun, various type of steamed rice dishes, deep fried tim sum, porridge. Personally, I find it quite affordable and more delicious as compare to Tim Ho Wan (I had it the next day after Shi Wei Xian).

Advise to go before 12 noon to avoid disappointment.

Address: Blk 119 Aljunied Crescent #01-06 Singapore 380119
Tel: 8111 4950

A short review for 49 Seats’ Pastas

Had dinner at 49 seats Blk 49 Kreta Ayer Road last Friday. It has an old-school style of utensil used in the cafe. Metal cups, plates. Oh ya, it is situated beside the famous ” Ya Dong (亚东)” building. They have another outlet in Orchard too.

49seats Mushroom Soup

49seats Tom Yum Seafood Pasta (SGD14.90)

Ok, this cafe is very generous in their clams, there were ALOT of clams in the pasta. The sauce is not too spicy and have a very refreshing taste.

49seatsCreamy Smoked Duck Pasta with Mushroom (SGD 14.90 + SGD2.00 [for mushroom])

Not a big fan of creamy pasta as I always get sick of the creamy taste after eating but I managed to finish the whole plate.

Kreta Ayer Road
Monday – Thursday: 18:00 – 02:00
Friday – Saturday: 18:00 – 05:30
Closed: Sunday

Marriot Hotel Cafe High Tea Buffet

20150818_151815 copy

As Marriot Cafe is having 1 for 1 promotion for its High Tea Buffet, Benjo with her 3 friends went for a feast! Initially thought that the high tea buffet might only consist of cakes, sandwiches and some sweet desserts, but it turn up to have a wide range of food available in the cafe.


There are breads and sandwiches sections. Did not take the sandwiches as Carbo make Benjo eat lesser food. It Is a BUFFET, you know!


Wine section, as Benjo do not want to be drunkard pork, so let’s move on…


This is the BEST! Chilli Crab sauce (with Crab meats), took a small bowl of it for the deep fry bun and later dip with the fresh prawns.


Someone mentioned that the prawn is one of the highlights in Marriot Cafe, and indeed they are very fresh and sweet tasting!

Chicken satays were tender, got to be fast hand fast legs to get them as they finished fast.




Not many variety of pastries, only tried a small piece pizza.

20150818_152149 Nonya Kuehs were also available in the buffet.

20150818_152253 To name a few, Dim sums like Chicken Char Siew Buns, Steam Buns, Shanghai Dumplings, Steam Glutinous Rice….


20150818_154931 There is a rojak making section near the entrance, pick your ingredients, stir in the peanuts, rojak sauce and whatever you want, and TaDah!
The deep fried doughsticks and beancurd were very crispy!

20150818_154935 The cheesy meatballs have to be eaten with caution, as the cheese will burst out when you take a bite of it. There is also a small section of sushi available. Some local hawker delicacies like Yong Tau Foo, Laksa are cook on the spot. Hokkien Mee Fried Oyster Omelette  (Orh Luah), stir fried noodle, biryani, various types of curry like beef curry, green curry, prata can also be found there.



How can a buffet have no salmon! There is a section of raw and smoked salmon available near the entrance door too!

For the health conscious peers, there is a salad bar too, Benjo don’t like salad much so did not bother to take a picture of it =p.


After all the food, there is always a space for dessert..

20150818_162641 Pick the flavour that you like, the chef will make the Crêpe on the spot for you.

20150818_170434 Make your own ice cream.


After all the eating, Benjo feel that it is quite worth the price, the nice ambient, delicious food and good service. But, Benjo is not too sure for not being observant enough or there is really only coffee and tea available for the customers.

Marriott Cafe
Marriott Hotel
320 Orchard Road
Tel: +65 6831 4605

High Tea Buffet
Monday to Friday / Saturday & Sunday:
Adult $39.00++ / $42.00++
Child $22.00++ / $28.00++  (Age: 5 to 12 years old)