Shi Wei Xian Hongkong Tim Sum

There is always a gem hidden in the neighbourhood.

Shi Wei Xian is a popular Hong Kong style tim sum stall situated in a coffee shop at Aljunied. It was first introduced by Benjo’s 6th Aunt, bringing her to eat after her wisdom tooth extraction. The coffee shop is packed with people in the morning having tim sum as their breakfast.


(From Top left: Bean Sauce Chicken Feet ($2.80) , Mango Banana Fritters ($3.00), Bean Sauce Pork Ribs ($2.80), Steamed Dumplings ($2.80))



Mango Banana Fritters. ($3.00)  The combination of fresh prawn with mango and banana really activate your taste butt to have more food.


Shark’s Fin Dumplings  ($3.20) (Don’t ask me is it real shark fin- I’m not sure)


Scallop Dumplings ($3.20)
Fresh scallops and prawns are used. For every bite, you are able to taste the freshness of the scallops and prawns.


Crystal Pau ($2.80)  – Have it hot!

Of course other than these, there are Chee Cheong Fun, various type of steamed rice dishes, deep fried tim sum, porridge. Personally, I find it quite affordable and more delicious as compare to Tim Ho Wan (I had it the next day after Shi Wei Xian).

Advise to go before 12 noon to avoid disappointment.

Address: Blk 119 Aljunied Crescent #01-06 Singapore 380119
Tel: 8111 4950