First Self Sponsored 7 Days Taiwan Tour (Part 2)

Day 3
Our First stop was the Plum Factory (梅子工厂)then we moved on to JiJi Station.

Believe it or not museum.
Took a peek of the museum, it had some things that are out of the ordinary, an interesting place but short of time to go in. Saw a 30kg rabbit at the entrance.

JiJi Station (集集小镇)


It is a train station, don’t really know much about it as I fell asleep on the bus when the tour guide was telling us the story. =x


Our lunch

We had our lunch at a worker’s canteen look alike place. Their food were authentic Taiwanese style food. I love the Hakka food the most! And based on the emptiness of the plates, it is not hard to guess how hungry we were.

Our next stop, Cow Farm. (Ru Niu De Jia )
We only need to pay TWD $20 ( about SGD $0.91) we can have unlimited of carrot sticks and a bottle of milk to feed the farm animals.


My hand was the one nearer to the camera. The calf seem like not eaten for day, the way it drank the milk like it was going to swallow the whole milk bottle.
Fierce fight for food

We took this cute little train to tour around the farm


Scenery taken on the train

Old rusty train engine

Revolution of telephones

Was shocked that the phones actually work! And I thought the kids were making the sound effect and playing on their own!

And and and, I finally get to taste the legendary Jiang Mu Tea (姜母茶)! It taste great, especially after staying in the cold wind for sometime.

After that we went to our nex stop- Kaohsiung Xin Qu Jiang (高雄 新屈 江)to do a 1 hour shopping. I only remember that the tour guide said that the first sausage stall that you see near the entrance of the shopping lane, that’s the nicest sausage stall around the area. So I bought a stick and it really does taste very nice!


Up next, we have to settle our dinner at Kaohsiung’s Liuho Night Market (高雄六合夜市). This time round we have 1 and a half hour to eat and shop, we learn our lesson so our mission of the day was buy as much food as we can and ate at 1 go!

Our first target, Chou tofu. This stall serve a unique different style of Chou tofu. The stall owner wrapped the tofu with a layer of popiah’s skin and added shrimps inside the tofu to deep fry them.



The unique style of Chou tofu

Any idea of what is this?


They are actually sweet potatoes! (Cute stall helpers)


Quite rare to see duck meat in Taiwan, ordered 1 to share. It was actually meat wrapped with the popiah skin.

活虾料理 (Live prawns cuisine)


It was really live prawns, the cook took out the live prawns and BBQ them.


A plate of 懒人虾 (Direct translation – lazy people prawns =p )
It actually for lazy people who do not want to peel the shells. But personally I feel that the shells were abit hard to swallow.



Taiwan popular snack, fried oyster. (蚝仔煎)

Another dish of Chou Tofu, but which 1 was deep fried with bread. I am not a fan of deep fried bread so don’t really like it.


担仔面 (dan zai mian)


Unknown fishes that I had never seem before.


This milk shake stall was so popular that if you enlarge the picture you could see the signature of Taiwan current president – Ma Ying Jiu.
Big, fresh crabs! Very hot and spicy! Delicacy =D~~

After our dinner at Liuho, we went to our hotel to put our luggage and began our next tour ( on our own) at Rui Feng Night Market (瑞丰夜市). We shared a cab with 2 ladies in the tour and went our separate way at Rui Feng. Ct and I went to the Night market while the 2 ladies went to the shopping malls.


The day ended nicely at this hotel room. =)
Our hotel is in Kaohsiung City named C U Hotel (西悠大饭店), love the hotel very much despite it location. They have spacey cozy room, the staffs are very helpful and friendly. The best hotel I had among the 7 different hotels that I stayed in.

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